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Official Page of the Clay-Widen Alumni Association
Alumni News:
P.O. Box 34, Clay, WV 25043
Clay County High School Alumni Association
& Widen High School Alumni Association
Our young Alumni group (S.T.U.D.S, Students Together United and Strong) is having a raffle to raise money for scholarships. There will be a prize every day in May with your $20 ticket. Contact Mr. Tanner at the Board Office for more information. Tickets can be purchased at the Board Office or from Kelly Tanner, Jackie Mollohan, and Lacy Pierson. Contact this group at if interested in the raffle or in becoming a member of a group dedicated to mentoring Clay County High School students.
Go to to register as a donor and help programs developed by Clay County, WV teachers. This is a safe way to be a contributor to specific projects for Clay County classrooms. Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn.
Click here to view Clay County projects still waiting to be funded.
First Book is a nonprofit organization established to give children the opportunity to read and own their first new books. Clay County has received many books just for the kids to own and build their own libraries. It is so important for kids to establish a love for reading. Many Alumni work to provide books for Clay County children to take home as their own! Check out this public service message.

Special Notice to Alumni! Please help Clay County Schools and other Clay County groups receive grants by going to and click on "Find a Project". Type in "Clay County" to find all the grants. Type your comments and submit them! The more comments we have, the more likely we are to receive these grants.

Attention Seniors!

Click on the graduation cap at the left to get a copy of our Alumni Scholarship Application.

Click on the graduation cap at the right to get a copy of the Alumni Info Sheet.

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Attention: Class of 2006! Did anyone film graduation? We are looking for a copy to view.
Please contact Cindy Willis at 304 -587-4266. Thanks for your help.
Attention: Class of 2006! Please fill out the Alumni Info Sheet from above and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."> We only have about half of your class completed. These can be useful when your reunion organizers begin to plan. Other classes can also fill these out! We need one for everyone!
Congratulations to Carolyn Creswell Stock for beginning her 2nd year as President of the Clay-Widen Alumni Association! Carolyn has always been very active in the Alumni trying to raise money for scholarships. She and the Class of 1971 have been very instrumental in raising many, many $ to help send needy Clay County children to college.
We are working on a winter edition of the newsletter at this time. Please send us any news that you have. Class contacts that have recently had a class reunion are encouraged to send in news for your entire class. We are also in the process of sending out postcards to all members that are not active to try to get them to become active again!

In 2007, Nina Cook, Clay Class of 1954 in 2006 generously donated a hand-sewn blue & gold dutch boy/girl quilt for the Alumni to give away during the reunion. We will need new items for next summer and fall reunions, please keep it in mind.

Attention Widen High School Alumni Members:
The All School Reunion/Reception for Widen graduates and friends will be held July 24, 2009 at the CCHS cafeteria in Clay. Thanks to the Widen Committee for sponsoring this event! This year promises to be special! Attend Widen Day on Saturday, July 25, 2009!

Widen's Big Sister organization, Clay High Alumni will have their reunion on Sept. 19, 2009! Wish them luck.
Contact Pat Blischak with any news or ideas.

Thanks to the Clay County Bank for sponsoring the annual Clay Alumni Reunion Event!
We appreciate those that come out to this event and brave all the elements, its all for college scholarships!
September 20, 2008Annual Fall Reunion (during Apple Festival) Event schedule as follows:
6:00 Dinner (5:00 for any class reunions).
6:30 Remarks/Business Meeting
7:45 Silent Auction Ends. Please bring an item old or new.
Reunions during the September 2008 Event for Clay County High School Classes:
Class of 1948 Reunion 60th-Library-Contact Mae Reedy Workman, Clarice Shamblin Parsons, Mary Tanner O'Dell or Elizabeth Nicholas Thomasson for more information.
Class of 1958 Reunion 50th-Bandroom-Contact Irene Cantrell for more information.
Class of 1978 Reunion 30th-Gym-Contact Swanna Ratcliff or Betty Legg
Class of 1988 Reunion-20th- Pro Start Room-Contact Dee Murphy Brady or Chris McGlothin Boogs
Others around the county during the Apple Festival weekend are:
Class of 1983-Contact Patricia Coulter
Class of 1963-Contact Dixie Jarvis
Class of 1953-Contact Elizabeth Sampson
Any member of the class reunions that would like to join the Alumni by donating $10 to the scholarship fund will receive two year memberships for the price of one! When your reunions are over, please come over to the All Class event at CCHS to see the auction, visit with friends from other classes, and in the process help a deserving student go to college! All members can attend FREE! You can join at the door if you are not already a member. See your reunion contact/planner for membership forms.
Continue to make plans for items for raffles, etc.
Attention Class Reunions!
Let us know about any class reunion plans for the future!
Class of 1948
This is the date
Make no mistake
Clay County High School
Class of 1948
Our Big 6-0 Reunion
Golden Delicious Apple Festival
September 20, 2008
12:00 Noon
Meet in the Library - Snacks will be provided

All surviving class members (around 60 out of 90-plus!!!) are accounted for, except Jo Ann Simmons “Stec”. If you have any information, please call Clarice Shamblin Parsons at 330-534-9957. We hope to see you there, so please do attend.

Love and Best Wishes from your classmates:
Clarice, Elizabeth, Mary and Mae
God has blessed each of us!
Back up and read this again - We want to see y’all!!

We will be glad to do reunion notices on this website if you will contact us at the addresses below. Put in the subject box: News for newsletter.
Send your emails to or to be included in an email database for your school and class.
What would you like this website to have? A place to find classmates? Raise $ for scholarships? Reunion information? Please send us your ideas.
Click here to download our membership form.
We are currently searching for old yearbooks! We are trying to get copies of each year for the Alumni, the Historical Society, and the High School Library. If you are cleaning house, please send any to us.
Click here to download information about our yearbooks project.

Contact us with class or personal news, yearbooks, or memberships:
CWAA, PO Box 34, Clay, WV 25043