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Current Events

Fox News Profiles Charles Bird’s Graduation from CCHS

By jkrauklis | May 23, 2024

Click below to read about Fox News’ coverage of Charles Bird’s recent graduation from Clay County High School alongside his great grand daughter, Ashdon Salisbury. Click Here

CCHS Student Honored at American Chemical Society Banquet

By jkrauklis | May 22, 2024

Dr. Michael Fultz presents an award to CCHS Student, Eian Duffield On Thursday, May 16th, at the American Chemical Society banquet, CCHS student Eian Duffield was in attendance along with his chemistry teacher, Melody Hubbard, and her husband Jason. Eian was there to be recognized for achieving the highest score on the American Chemical Society…

9th Month Attendance Winners

By jkrauklis | May 21, 2024

Clay County Schools had excellent attendance for the 9th school month. Lizemore Elementary had the highest attendance in the county with a rate of 98.11% followed by Clay County High School with an attendance rate of 95.53%. Big Otter Elementary came in third with a rate of 93.42%. As far as individual classrooms are concerned,…

Clay County Schools Recognized as a Military Friendly District (Purple Star Award)

By jkrauklis | May 14, 2024

Stephanie Gauding (LES), Anthony Boggs (BOES), Megan Starcher (HEWES), Phil Dobbins and Michelle Samples (CCS), Leslie Goe (CCMS), Misty Nichols (CES), Amanda Jackson and Allen Tanner (CCHS) Clay County Schools, along with the 6 schools that comprise the school district, were presented with the Purple District Award on Monday, May 13th, at Clay County High…

CCHS Teacher Recognized as WV Environmental Science Teacher of the Year

By jkrauklis | May 2, 2024

CCHS Teacher, Melody Hubbard, was recognized on Thursday, May 2nd, as the West Virginia Environmental Science Teacher of the Year.  Mr. Tom Aluise of the WV Department of Environmental Protection presented the award to Mrs. Hubbard along with $1500 with $1000 of the $1500 being earmarked toward future STEM projects. Mrs. Hubbard and her students…

CES-Fostering a Love for Reading and Writing

By jkrauklis | April 22, 2024

Students at Clay Elementary recently competed in the school’s literacy fair. Students were tasked with reading a book of their choosing and developing a presentation to exhibit in front of a panel of judges much like the presentations displayed earlier this year at the Science Fair. Students created poster boards which were used to display…

Student Attendance Winners 7th Month

By jkrauklis | April 11, 2024

Clay County Schools currently has a 92.24 attendance rate for the 2023-2024 school year. Leading the way for the 7th school month is Shawn Krajeski’s classroom at Clay County High School (pictured top left) with a rate of 95.74%. Closely following in second place is Megan Sears’s classroom at Big Otter Elementary (pictured top right).…

CCMS & CCHS Students Succeed at WV TSA Competition

By jkrauklis | March 26, 2024

Students from CCMS and CCHS competed at the WV TSA competition. When all was said and done, a total of 28 students qualified for the national TSA competition. CCMS had 16 students qualify for nationals while being named the Middle School Outstanding Chapter. CCHS will send 12 students to nationals and was the 2nd place…

CCHS Students Find Success at Skills USA Competition

By jkrauklis | March 26, 2024

This past weekend, eleven CTE students from Clay High School competed in the Skills USA competition, showcasing their skills in carpentry, electricity, welding, baking and pastry, wedding cake decorating, and teamworks. It was a refreshing sight seeing young people heading out to work in uniforms, completing complex projects and performance tests. Overall, 7 CCHS students…

WWII Veteran Receives CCHS Diploma at 99

By jkrauklis | March 18, 2024

Charles “Birdy” Edward Bird was set to graduate from Clay County High School, but before he could do so, he was called to serve in WWII at the age of 18 in 1943. Through the Operation Recognition Program (ORP), a collective effort from the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) and the West Virginia Veterans’…